Vehicle Warranties

At Tru Market we value our customers and have a long standing reputation for providing exceptional customer service.

We are very selective about which vehicles we take on our lot for sale. We typically only purchase one owner vehicles with low mileage. In doing so, we are providing quality pre-owned vehicles to our customers with little left for them to worry about.

Despite our selective purchasing process, sometimes vehicles fail. This typically happens at the least opportune time.  Tru Market  offers a variety of after market extended warranties on most of our inventory. We recommend purchasing a warranty on any new to you vehicle. Repairs can be very costly and warranties will cover the majority of these costs for you, just leaving you with the deductible. Typically these warranties will offer immediate coverage throughout North America with a simple call and no need to pay yourself and send the receipts in for reimbursement!

There are different coverage’s as well as price points to suit any budget. Please be sure to let our staff educate you on the benefits and costs of purchasing an extended warranty package on your next vehicle purchase.